Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Team Sport

By J. Mac Holladay, founder and CEO. 

For years I have talked about economic and community development as a “team sport.” Those communities and regions that have true collaboration and cooperation combined with solid leadership are the ones that continually move ahead. Tupelo, Mississippi has often been described as a place that is “leaderful”; it is full of “door openers” not gate keepers. 

Peter Drucker always believed that quality people were the most important asset any firm could hope for. He believed in treating everyone with respect and dignity and valuing each person’s special talents. It was the team that mattered to him. Everyone pulling together for common goals committed to the same ideals is what makes great companies.

Over the years we have tried to create a positive culture at Market Street Services. Our client relations and repeat business are what separate us from many firms. The quality product that we produce for every client comes from a great staff. We have grown from within for a number of years with many staff members being promoted two or three times. Everyone carries his or her load and each project has a strong team.

Our core functions are represented in research and innovation, project management, and operations. Those key components have allowed Market Street to continue to grow and prosper during The Great Recession. The three people who lead those areas, Ellen Anderson in Research, Alex Pearlstein in Projects, and Kathy Young in Operations have over 20 years combined service at Market Street. They have joined me in the ownership of the firm and will grow in responsibility and ownership over time.

For you see, as with communities, this business is a “team sport.” That is why Market Street has a great future.