Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Years…and Counting!

By Kathy Young, Director of Operations - on behalf of the entire Market Street team.

This month marks Alex Pearlstein's 10th year with Market Street. In the decade since he joined the firm, there have been weddings (including his own), babies born (including one sweet girl of his own), and many other celebrations as both our team and client list has grown.

Our growth and accomplishments as a firm have all benefited from Alex's involvement and passionate interest in making every community we work in an even better place. One of Alex's first projects as a researcher was on the first Opportunity Austin process, which has become the standard that many other communities look to as they undertake their own work. In total, Alex has worked in dozens of communities of all sizes, in all parts of the country, and each with their distinct challenges and opportunities. From his work in Halifax County, Virginia to Coachella Valley, California and Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Nashville Tennessee - and so many others in between - Alex's project experience helps inform all of the work we do.

We look forward to the next 10 years with Alex, and hope you'll join us in celebrating his first decade with Market Street.