Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Ranking Touts Greater Des Moines

By Alex Pearlstein, Director of Projects.

Fresh off receiving the Alliance for Regional Stewardship’s 2013 Organizational Champion Award for implementation of the Capital Crossroads strategy facilitated by Market Street, the Greater Des Moines Partnership celebrated again this month when Forbes announced that the Des Moines metro area is this year’s Best Place for Business and Careers.

Touting the region’s robust job growth, low business costs, and educated workforce, Forbes joined a rising chorus of periodicals and websites singing Central Iowa’s praises. While Forbes is a tad higher profile than the Alliance for Regional Stewardship, both entities recognized that there’s something exciting going on in the Des Moines metro. I live here, so I can confirm it. Whether it’s development in Downtown Des Moines, new data centers in Altoona or West Des Moines, or a young professional who tells the Des Moines Register they came back to Des Moines after vowing never again to live in their home city, this place is on a roll.

While it’s always good to temper expectations with a healthy dose of realistic perspective, there’s no reason to think that the Des Moines metro’s fortunes will backslide any time soon as the financial services sector continues to recover from the recession, healthcare remains strong, and the agricultural economy grows by leaps and bounds.

If anyone is thinking about seeing what all the fuss is about, now is a good time to head up, down, or over to Des Moines. The state fair is underway, so you can time your visit with a photo op of the famous Butter Cow sculpture, or this year’s other butter-molded masterpiece, Abe Lincoln. Just about any foodstuff that can be punctured by a stick and fried is available, so be sure to bring a healthy appetite and pants with an elastic waistband.