Monday, August 24, 2015

The Road Ahead

By J. Mac Holladay, Founder and CEO

Years ago I wrote many “chamber commentaries” for the Charleston News and Courier. I covered many issues particularly education reform, governance, and economic development. As I prepared to leave Charleston to begin work as the Director of the State Development Board, I wrote this final column. Please note that the date I wrote this was July 29th, 1985.

“The Lowcountry has endured a great deal. 

It has a rich history of success and failure, prosperity and poverty. 

In some ways our community faces another important crossroad. 

The past twenty years have been tremendous in terms of growth and development. 

The economy across this nation is changing…we are part of a world economy. 

We must understand our opportunities and assets in terms of reality, not fantasy. 

Education is the only thing that unlocks the future for individuals and communities.

Our work has only just begun…

There is one element that is the key to these issues and countless others unnamed.

That one necessity is leadership…leadership knows no color, no age, no sex; it only understands results.

 It relates only to people, for it’s through people that this happens.  

Nothing happens by accident; people make things happen. 

The road ahead is exciting and frightening. It can lead one way or another. 

The Trident must choose its course.”

J. Mac Holladay
Chamber Commentary
The News and Courier/The Evening Post
July 29, 1985

It is amazing to realize how many things have changed over the years, but the things that make great communities remain constant. Understanding the core issues is as vital in 2015 as it were 30 years ago.