Thursday, August 27, 2015

Who Gets The Credit?

By Mike Gaymon,GACCE, Senior Advisor

Assessments are essential for sustainability whether it is for a company in the private sector, a not for profit organization, or a public entity.  Having conducted nearly 200 assessments for states, communities and regions these are in " the wheel house" of Market Street Services.

These assessments drill down pretty deep into the strengths and weaknesses of a community. Every community has both. The more forward thinking communities realize that without a thorough assessment, change will come, but it may be by default and not by design. Often, when strengths are identified there are plenty of folks standing by to take the credit.  But when weaknesses (liabilities) are identified, sometimes we hear the word "they" instead of "we".  Maybe it is just human nature but most people identify with winners and want to be around success. 

It's not so much about where the community actually is currently, but about where are they going be in the future. How can they take advantage of the strengths and strategically minimize weaknesses in order to make changes that result in positive outcomes?

Community and economic development is a team sport: it takes many players on the field to properly execute a strategy. Working together is a necessity.

Regardless of the size of the community or the amount of weaknesses or strengths, it's amazing what happens if you don't care who gets the credit!